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Wacky Shop

Worldwide Shipping of Wacky

You can now order directly on our Webshop from anywhere in the World. We ship Worldwide. Order today and we ship today. Order a Viral Rainbow Wacky Worm today and have fun with your friends. Click Here to visit our Shop and order online

15 Million Views

and still going viral. Wacky The Magic Worm is going viral. It is fun to see Wacky wiggle and crawl around your hands and fingers. Here is the latest Tik Tok Video. Please share it with your friends.

Wacky WOrm

Millions of views in Malaysia Tik Tok

We just recently relaunched Wacky The Magic Worm in Malaysia. You might remember Wacky from the 1980’s and 90’s where it was sold at Sungei Wang Plaza. Now you will be able to buy Wacky and our Magic Tricks at Toy Shops, Book Shops and Supermarkets. During the last few days our videos on TIk

Wacky is at National SM Mega Mall

Great gift for your nephew or niece for Christmas. You can find Wacky at all National Book Stores Branches Nationwide. This video is from SM Mega Mall.

Buy Magic Tricks Now on Tik Tok

Our shop on Tik Tok is now up and running, so you can buy your favorite Magic Tricks on Tik Tok and watch the videos so you can see how the Magic Tricks work. You can even follow our Tik Tok account and learn some Free Magic Tricks. Click here to visit our Tik Tok

Buy our products on Shopee

You can now buy most of our products in Shopee in the Philippines. Click here to go to the shop. You can find many of our Magic Tricks and even Wacky the Magic Worm on Shopee. You can find many discounts and sometimes even Free shipping on Shopee. So if you have an account with

Throwback to 2008 Magic on TV

I have had many request for showing some of my old videos from TV. Here is a clip from 2008 or 9 I believe where I guested in Shop Talk on ANC with Pia Hontiveras. I am doing some magic tricks. Hope you will enjoy. 👍 ❤️

Playing with 2 Wacky

Wow, this is amazing… Our founder Anders is playing with Wacky Worms at the same time. Can you do this too? Upload your Wacky Worm videos on Youtube and put the Hashtag #MagicWacky so we can see how good you are at playing with Wacky.

Rainbow Wacky Earrings

The Rainbow Mini Wacky Earrings are finally here. Show the World your love for Wacky when you wear these Wacky Earrings. They are cut and fun. You can find them for sale on our Tik Tok Shop.

New Rainbow Wacky Worm

A completely new Wacky Worm in Rainbow colors. It still does the same tricks, but the colors are amazing. You can make Wacky move around the fingers, crawl up and down your hands and even jump from glass to glass. It is a lot of fun to play with Wacky. For the moment the Rainbow

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