Frequently Asked Questions

Wacky Worm

Where can I buy Wacky?

Wacky The Magic Worm is available in physical shops as well as online. To see some of the retailers and online shops selling Wacky please click here. If you can’t find a shop near to you you can chat with us and we will help you find a place selling Wacky.

Can I Sell Wacky in My Shop?

Yes! You can buy Wacky from our local office or distributor and then you can resell Wacky. You can sell Wacky in your online shop or in your physical shop. We also provide Displays and videos to help you with the sales.  Check here for your local office.

Does Wacky move by itself?

No. Wacky can’t move by himself. There is a Secret Magic Trick that you must learn. Wacky comes with instructions in English and many other languages. We also have videos teaching how to play with Wacky. Click here for the Videos. The password is in the instructions when you buy Wacky The Magic Worm.

Magic Tricks

Do you sell Magic Tricks?

Yes, we sell hundreds of different Magic Tricks for beginners and professionals. You can find most of them in the same shops selling Wacky The Magic Worm or you can order direct from our online shops in your Country. Please click here for the list.

How can I learn the Magic Tricks?

All our Magic Tricks comes with instructions in different languages like English, Vietnamese, Filipino, Chinese, Malay, Danish, German and many others. The instructions are in the local language where you purchased the Magic Trick.

We also provide Videos teaching how to do the Magic Tricks. Remember to use the password or code that comes with the trick or scan the QR code.

Wacky Toys

Where can I buy Wacky?

We have a large selection of fun toys, which you can find in the same shops selling Wacky The Magic Worm as well as in our Online Shops.

Other Products

What other prouducts do you sell?

We sell a variety of Gift Items, Novelties, Christmas Ornaments and Stationery products. You can find most of them in the same shops selling Wacky The Magic Worm and in our online shops.

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