A bit about Magic Wacky

Wacky – The Magic Worm has been entertaining people of all ages since 1985. It is a Magic Worm, which can move around your hands and crawl around your fingers. It can jump in and out of glasses and even crawl around a ball-pen. It is simply amazing! With the help of a small secret invisible Magic Trick you can learn to make Wacky move as well.

Wacky is available around the World and you can even order online from our website or your favorite local shopping app. Click here to see where to buy.

You can mostly find Wacky at your local Toy Store, Book Shop or Supermarket.

Looking for the SECRET videos teaching how to play with Wacky? Click here

How does Wacky The Magic Worm work?

Wacky comes with instructions in different language so it is easy to learn how to make him move. We even provide videos teaching how to make Wacky crawl around your fingers and jump in and out of glasses. With just a little practice you can learn it as well. You can watch the video here to get an idea of how to do it.


Sales Points for Wacky

You can usually find a Video-Display in front of Toy Shops or near to the cashier with a video showing how our products work. From time to time we have Live demonstrations of our products in shops to let customers try the actual products and watch them in action.


News From Magic Wacky

Throwback to 2008 Magic on TV

I have had many request for showing some of my old videos from TV. Here is a clip from 2008 or 9 I believe where I guested in Shop Talk on ANC with Pia Hontiveras. I am doing some magic tricks. Hope you will enjoy. 👍 ❤️

Playing with 2 Wacky

Wow, this is amazing… Our founder Anders is playing with Wacky Worms at the same time. Can you do this too? Upload your Wacky Worm videos on Youtube and put the Hashtag #MagicWacky so we can see how good you are at playing with Wacky.

Rainbow Wacky Earrings

The Rainbow Mini Wacky Earrings are finally here. Show the World your love for Wacky when you wear these Wacky Earrings. They are cut and fun. You can find them for sale on our Tik Tok Shop.

New Rainbow Wacky Worm

A completely new Wacky Worm in Rainbow colors. It still does the same tricks, but the colors are amazing. You can make Wacky move around the fingers, crawl up and down your hands and even jump from glass to glass. It is a lot of fun to play with Wacky. For the moment the Rainbow

Hot Selling Magic Money Printing Machine

The hottest selling Magic Trick this year in our Tik Tok shop is the Magic Money Printing Machine. It is super easy to perform and everybody will be amazed. Take a white piece of paper and place it into the Magic Money printing Machine. Turn the handles and the white paper becomes real money. You

New Countries for 2023

2023 is promising to be an exciting year, with us starting to distribute Wacky Worm, Magic Tricks and our toys in many new countries like Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar. For all you who have been waiting for Wacky… We are almost there. All our products will be available in Toy Shops, Book Stores and Supermarkets

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